Carolina Guzman Direction Générale

Carolina Guzman Direction Générale

« You make The Different»

Specializing in green technologies Engineering, takes the initiative to create ATENEA Environment, on the basis of their experience in the industry for more than 10 years. In order to act for the energy transition and provide integrated environmental solutions, serving communities and industry.
Over the years, experience in industrial processes and energy and optimizing your domain specific processes have led projects in the textile, paper, agribusiness, oil (REPSOL), petrochemicals (ExxonMobil) and the environment and renewable energy (HERA Holding).

She has developed as a manager, business in France and abroad. Has launched its transverse skills in different areas of activity, to gain experience in the field in developing business environment, the complete set of complex projects on alternative energy, clean technology development of biomass, waste management, water treatment and soil decontamination.

Personally, free, creative spirit, passion for his career and his freedom, brave, sweet and full of energy.

Sleep motivated to follow an exceptional journey, full of effort, discipline and life changes. Lover of the challenges, has always managed to overcome objectives and adapt to different environments and work study. Natural leader motivates teams and discover the best of each of their employees while conveying passion for work, for life.

World citizen with dual nationality Peruvian and French.

He has been trained in the most prestigious institutions of European formations.
At the Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, in the "International Relations and Global Governance" program.

At the National School of Administration (ENA) in the specialist for Public Administration, on "European development aid" international cycle.

Chemical Engineering of the National University of Engineering in Lima, Peru, with a master's degree in engineering processes, environmental technologies and renewable energy at the University of Aix Marseille.

Collaborating in the program of the Organization of American States (OAS) on poverty reduction in Latin America. By optimizing industrial processes for SMEs to contribute to the economic and sustainable development.