The real problem

We live in times where people walk down the street without looking,
where climate change floods the media
is the best excuse to all the great problems of mankind in the world.
While in the other half of the world people die of hunger and thirst.

People go shopping with a paper bag
to contribute to the ecological cliché of the magazine Vanities
whereas in these times, the environment is fashionable,
While in the other half of the world people are still dying of hunger and thirst

Pollution is a big problem
It is also relative depending on where it comes from and who affect
but how much, it could kill only a part of our world
because in the other half of the world people have already died of hunger and thirst in an instant.

So what is the real problem?
Climate change! I would say without thinking part of the world
Death by hunger and thirst! I would say half the world already died
Someone stopped to hear their voices?

The biggest problem in the world is not far from ourselves
the world's biggest problem
It is to walk down the street without looking around us
with a recycled paper bag,

The solution to this major problem is within ourselves
may not let us save any half the world
but we do a lot if we start walking through our lives looking around
certainly loving our neighbor would save as many lives

A look, a life ... act for the planet.

Carolina Guzman Direction Généra

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