Why Choose Us

Providing innovative solutions for environmental, economic growth and urban development.

The Athena Group specifically dedicated to all levels in the energy transition.

We use all transversal skills in business development, taking into account the specific needs of each client and their environment.


Our Mission

Serving communities and industry, Atenea offers global solutions for the management of environmental issues

ATENEA Environment is dedicated to comprehensive management of renewable energy, with respect to the global challenges of environment resources, having regard to the format of the client's ideas for the design and construction of waste treatment plants and biomass.

Our group has experience in business development strategy, innovative technologies and business cases of the project to ensure green growth, economic and urban development. Thus contributing to the French energy transition and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, according to the Millennium Goals of the ONU.
Internationally, our mission is to support the expansion of French companies to develop and manage new opportunities and niche markets such as technological solution tailored to customer needs and realities.

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Meet Our Work Team

  • Carolina Guzmán

    « You make The Different» Specializing in green technologies Engineering, takes the initiative to create…

  • Arnaud Poitevin

    Arnaud Poitevin is Researcher at CNRS. Teaching assistant in Law at Sorbonne Paris Cité University,…

  • Lucia Celis

    Lucia Celis is Technical Computing, Blogger, Writer, Fhotographer, Youtuber and Graphic Designer. She was for 10…

  • Can Yüceisik

    Experienced in economic feasibility studies and project development, I specialised over the last 5 years…